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Guidance for FIT 5th Edition Rules

England Touch Referees have prepared guides to the changes involved in the move to FIT 5th Edition rules in partnership with the European Federation of Touch.

The roll-out of the latest edition of the rules was announced earlier in the year. Once fixtures, Regional Development Series and the National Touch Series begin as per the England Touch return to play protocols FIT 5th Edition will be in effect immediately.

These guides have been produced in consultation with referees, coaches and players in both Australia and Europe and are intended to be a comprehensive but easily digestible guide for everyone in the Touch community to familiarise themselves with the changes ahead of the full resumption of training.

“This represents an opportunity to not just apply the changes from the new rules, but to align ourselves with how these rules and the broader game are refereed at the highest standards internationally,” National Referee Manager Robin Budd said.

"It will hopefully be the start of a bigger process where we work with other countries for ideas to give both our teams and especially our referees the best possible chance to stand out at international level.

"We want to thank our colleagues in Europe and Australia for their invaluable contributions and look forward to more cooperation in future."

You can find links below - the detailed document contains every single change that was made, while the summary document only includes the major differences. The changes in both are ordered by their likely impact on the game. 

CLICK HERE to download the summary

CLICK HERE to download the detailed document

CLICK HERE to see the Touch Football Australia video guides to the changes

To help get everyone up to speed to return under FIT5, the Level 1 referee course has been updated with the FIT5 changes and is available to take online.

The online course is half the price of a face-to-face course and can be run flexibly at dates and times that work for the participants. You can sign up on your own or arrange a date for your club - go to to register an expression of interest.

With requirements for teams at ETA tournaments to have player referees who have at least attended a level one course, now is the time to make sure you sign up.

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