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Coaching Pathway

The England Touch Association is formalising their progression for coaches at club, regional and national level, which will include CTS, NTS, national and International competitions.

The progressive outlook will hopefully achieve the following outcomes:

  • The presence of coaches throughout all levels of competitive Touch within England Touch
  • The development of coaches throughout all levels of competitive Touch within England Touch
  • Improve the standard of our coaches throughout all levels of competitive Touch within England Touch
  • Increase the number of ‘practicing’ coaches within of levels of competitive Touch within England Touch
  • Provide a strategic structure on the developmental expectations of all coaches within England Touch

These levels of coaching progression will provide all current and prospective coaches the expectations of them, as well look to grow and develop our sport throughout all levels.

The standard of play is increasing, and continues to increase with each tournament. However, whilst the amount of coaches is positive, the presence and standard of coaching needs to start progressing.

To improve the standard of coaching the following progressive outlook should be adhered to, and should reflect the ambitions of your club and region, as it will do with National Teams.

This will be achieved by steadily increasing the minimum coaching accreditation standard required over the next four years (inclusive of this year) in three stages across the CTS, NTS, National and International tournaments.

These stages allow time for representative coaches to begin the process of upgrading and up-skilling their accreditation and be eligible to coach their respective divisions.

England Touch has committed itself from 2016-19 and beyond to increase the number of community level, level one and two coaching courses to be conducted throughout the year. And also to provide a number of opportunities for qualified coaches to ‘up-skilled’ in their knowledge and approach.

CLICK HERE to find out more about how you can develop your coaching career.

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