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Policies and Procedures


This Code of Conduct is applicable to everyone involved with Touch in England. Breaches of standards and expectations in the Code of Conduct must always be taken seriously and fairly handled according to open and transparent regulations.

It is the responsibility of all Participants to understand England Touch’s standards and expectations underthe Code of Conduct and to help us ensure that the Code is applied by all Touch participants in England.

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England Touch aims to provide a high level of customer service which is professional and approachable for affiliated members and the general public who require help, advice and information on any aspect of Touch services or activities.

We are committed to providing a high quality service that satisfies all customer enquiries by giving clear, consistent, accurate and prompt information.

England Touch will work with affiliated members to ensure that a high level of customer service is also provided by affiliated members to the public.

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Player eligibility for international sporting competition can be a complex and often emotive issue. The defining elements are at the very heart of global competition and key issues involved in ascertaining eligibility include aspects of nationality, passport, residency, ancestry, place of birth, playing history, the respective country’s selection process and even a player’s gender and age.

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The responsibility for safeguarding is collective and it is important everyone involved in our sport recognises their role in promoting and creating a safe environment for all participants. Our vision ‘to become the World’s most recognised and significant touch rugby organisation’ is underpinned by ensuring our sport is accessible to all, and paramount to that is to safeguard all involved in our sport. 

Our values to be Inclusive, Transparent, United, Ambitious and Respect promote our unwavering commitment to safeguarding and our commitment to ensuring that our sport is not only accessible to all, but is safe for all. 

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The England Touch Association (ETA) is committed to good discipline in every aspect of the sport of Touch, based on our core values of being Inclusive, Transparent, Ambitious, United and Respectful. 

The objectives of this policy are: 

  • To establish a culture of respect and discipline across the sport of Touch for all participants 
  • To ensure fairness and independence in dealing with accusations of ill-discipline 
  • To be transparent in our processes for discipline management 

This document outlines the process for:

  1. Making complaints against people affiliated to the ETA 
  2. Assessing these complaints and determining any sanctions 
  3. Appealing decisions made via this process 

This process is not solely to complain about actions taken at an ETA event, or on field matters in general, but all matters that relate to the ETA’s role in the sport of Touch. This means it can be used to deal with any misconduct by a participant in Touch affiliated with the ETA (e.g. anyone holding ETA membership, any participant in an ETA tournament, or a member of ETA staff) that relates to their involvement with the game. 

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A brief record of the usages of the grievance policy and their outcomes can be seen by CLICKING HERE. This is designed to provide transparency for the process and give examples that may be considered as precedent for future uses.

Equality, diversity and inclusion in the Touch community means taking all possible steps to ensure that all our players, coaches, officials, administrators, or a volunteer in any other role (together stakeholders), understand the principles of equality and embed those principles into everything they do. We want to ensure our sport is fair and inequalities are recognised and addressed.

The England Touch Association recognises that it is about changing the culture and adapting the structure of our sport to ensure that the game of Touch is a sport for all.

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As a sport for all, the England Touch Association (ETA) celebrates and values the inclusion of transgender, non-binary and gender diverse people in Touch and strives towards providing a safe and welcoming environment for any person to be their authentic self.

The purpose of this Policy is to provide a clear framework to enable transgender, non-binary and gender diverse people to participate in Touch, including players, coaches, referees and staff.

This includes an FAQ section that serves to provide more context and guidance for the implementation of this policy, as well as contact details for support.

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To protect the integrity and credibility of the ETA, all individuals with significant influence over decisions must transparently declare actual or perceived conflicts of interest. These individuals will strive to avoid any conflict of interest between the interests of the ETA and their personal, professional and/or business interests. This includes avoiding actual conflicts of interest as well as the perception of conflicts of interest. 

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The England Touch Association in accordance with the Federation of International Touch (FIT) are committed to ensuring a culture of clean sport, played fairly where all players know they are competing in the true spirit of the sport. We help to ensure athletes understand and follow the rules. 

The purpose of this policy is to set out the basic standards that the ETA expects in relation to doping. The policy is based on the Anti-Doping Rules set out by FIT and compliant with UK Anti-Doping (UKAD) and in line with the World Anti-Doping (WADA) code 

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The Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA) places a number of obligations on organisations who process personal data. In particular, it regulates how an individual’s personal information is used and protects people from misuse of their personal details. 

As part of its business, the ETA may process personal information on its staff and members, including players, referees and officials. The purpose of this policy is to set out how the ETA will use comply with its obligations under the DPA and the rights available to individuals in relation to their data which the ETA holds.

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The ‘England Touch’ logo is the trade mark of England Touch Association (ETA). It is registered in the UK Trade Mark Registery under No. UK00002656529, effective as of 11/03/2013

The logo and text is a specific graphic and must not be changed or recreated in any way. Its use is under specific Conditions of Use and will require approval from the England Touch Associa on (ETA) on application to all playing kit, web-based collateral, printed collateral, etc. Use of the logo must be consistent with the guidelines outlined below.

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We are England Touch

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