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England looking to build in Autumn Series Round 2

The Federation of International Touch Autumn International Series heads into Round 2 this weekend with England looking to build on the successes of a fortnight ago.

England’s Opens teams were unbeaten in all their matches against Wales, Ireland and Scotland last time out, and while the other Home Nations will no doubt be looking to get one over on the hosts, for their part England will be seeking to capitalise on the home advantage offered by playing in Manchester once again.

There have been a number of changes in all the teams which will be running out at Broughton Park RFC on Saturday.

Mark Aldous (London Scorpions) and Zubin Tanna (CSSC London Eagles) both come into the Men’s Open, with Lydia Ticehurst (Canterbury) and Emily Bayliss (Raptors) joining the Women’s Open A team.

The Mixed Open and Mixed 30s will be playing each other in that tournament, and they, too, have brought in a few different faces.

Kendelle Fry (Hot Custard), Edward Hayward (London Scorpions), Daisy Pank (University of Bath) and Meghan Pemberton (St Albans) are all named in the Mixed Open, with Sarah Acheson (Manchester Chargers), Matt Allpress (Green + Gold), Fae Clerey, Neil Hennigan (Manchester Chargers), Jonny Leota (NQ Rebels) and Andrew Richmond (Cambridge) being handed a day in the Mixed 30s.

As with Round 1, the England Women’s Open B team will play the Women’s 27s.

Susanna Hyvonen and Flori Nasir add to London Scorpions’ representation at this level in the Women’s Open B team, and they will come up against clubmate Sallianne Buttsworth and a trio of Eagles, namely Annabel Jansen, Alice Tozzi and Tina Veale, all new faces in the Women’s 27s.

Saturday’s action taps off at 9:40am with a clash between the Women’s Open B and Women’s 27s, with the first Opens international at 10:30 and the final matches starting at 5:10pm.

All the Field 1 action will be live streamed on the England Touch YouTube channel and the home page of this website!

Men’s Open

Head Coach – Tim Osborne

Asst Coaches – Jeff Bimson, Martin Wright

Mark Aldous (London Scorpions), Ewan Armstrong (London Scorpions), Adam Brimelow (NQ Rebels), Dom Brook (Raptors), Clark Hobson (BBR), Sam Jones (Hot Custard), Will Lupton (Nottingham), Ben Meakin (NQ Rebels), Jordan Melling (Wigan Touch Warriors), Vaughan Meredith (Canterbury), Miles Partridge (CSSC London Eagles), Will Serocold (London Scorpions), Kamil Shahabdeen (Galaxy London), Zubin Tanna (CSSC London Eagles), Dom Tripp (London Scorpions)

Women’s Open

Head Coach – Ben Powell

Asst Coaches – Lexie Williams, James Butcher

Sophie Arbuthnott (Raptors), Emily Bayliss (Raptors), Laura Cochrane (Hot Custard), Emily Crowe (London Scorpions), Katy Fielding (Surrey Bisons), Susannah Hudson (London Scorpions), Emily Irons (London Scorpions), Kensie McNaught (CSSC London Eagles), Emma Oliver (Nottingham), Mimi Paton (Crewe and Nantwich), Danni Payten (Canterbury), Haniyyah Rahman-Shepherd (Galaxy London), Emily Rona-Roper (Galaxy London), Bronte Sykes (London Scorpions), Lydia Ticehurst (Canterbury), Julia Unsworth (Galaxy London), Mia Watts (Cambridge), Nicola Wise (Chester Cheetahs)

Mixed Open

Head Coach – Justin Conway

Asst Coaches – Leah Cuthbertson, Isabel Nixon

Teddy Brooks (London Scorpions), Anna Crossley (NQ Rebels), Danielle Evans (Chester Cheetahs), Kendelle Fry (Hot Custard), Harry Goldman (Hot Custard), Angus Gough (Hot Custard), Edward Hayward (London Scorpions), Isobel Hobson (Nottingham), Joshua Ingram (NQ Rebels), Jamie Ironside (Galaxy London), Tom Lawton-Davies (Thames Valley Vikings), Ella Loveridge (Nottingham), Daniel Mayall (Hot Custard), Matthew Maynard (Cambridge), Elliot Nye (Canterbury), Daisy Pank (University of Bath), Meghan Pemberton (St Albans), Gabe Pennington (NQ Rebels), Toby Phillips (NQ Rebels), Alice Sommerville (Hot Custard), Alice Summers (Canterbury), Charlie Thomson (Raptors), Lauren Torley (Thames Valley Vikings)

Mixed 30s

Head Coach – Dan Powell

Asst Coaches – Patrick Kearins, Ryan Attwood

Sarah Acheson (Manchester Chargers), Matt Allpress (Green + Gold), Martin Bunn (Revolution), Louise Carr (Thames Valley Vikings), Jonathan Clark (Yorkshire Thorns), Meghan Clayton (Wigan Touch Warriors), Fae Clerey, Victoria Franks (Cambridge), Neil Hennigan (Manchester Chargers), Glenn Jones (Cambridge), Jonny Leota (NQ Rebels), Shaun McDonald, Brent McDougall (Camelot Jesters), Lucy Neal-Hooke (Thames Valley Vikings), Sam Powles (Revolution), Andrew Richmond (Cambridge), James Stewart (Norwich Rebels)

The England coaches are also using the day to give other players the opportunity to experience the international stage with a series of matches between different England High Performance teams.

Women’s Open B

Eleana Ennes (Raptors), Zayley Holle (CSSC London Eagles), Susanna Hyvonen (London Scorpions), Rosie Kells (Bristol Jets), Georgina McKavanagh (NQ Rebels), Erin Payten (Canterbury), Flori Nasir (London Scorpions), Emily Simon (Nottingham), Isobel Thomas (EY London Vipers), Annelise Thurley (Nottingham), Carly Wynne (NQ Rebels)

Women’s 27s

Head Coach – Gary Lambert

Asst Coach – Sion Atkins

Meadhbh Aheme (St Albans), Sam Bell (CSSC London Eagles), Geogia Blessed (Yorkshire Thorns), Sallianne Buttsworth (London Scorpions), Jamie Cone (Cambridge), Eimear Conroy (Cambridge), Carys Dunn (Horsham Tigers), Katherine Jones (Cambridge), Sofia Luxton (Thames Valley Vikings), Eleanor Pitcher (Nottingham), Annabel Jansen (CSSC London Eagles), Claire Rylance (Revolution), Lucy Snape (Nottingham), Hana Suzuki (Cambridge), Alice Tozzi (CSSC London Eagles), Tina Veale (CSSC London Eagles), Abigail Walters (Nottingham), Rose Willoughby (Exeter)

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