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Regional Leads announced for 2020

The Regional Leads for the next 12 months have been announced.

Regional Leads are a crucial cog in the pathways within the England Touch system, organising teams to compete at the Nationals and being the first port of call for advice and help for clubs throughout their area.

Regional Leads are responsible for:

  • Managing all high performance activities within a region
  • Devising the strategy, systems and tools required to get the best long term performance goals for the region and England Touch
  • Driving the growth, reach and profile and elite Touch within the region. This includes linking league franchises to the high performance setup
  • Raising standards and reducing the inconsistencies across regions

The Leads will shortly be looking to fill other roles within the region (if not already filled):

  • Regional Manager
  • Regional Treasurer
  • Regional Junior/Open/Masters Lead
  • Relevant Coaching teams

The Leads are:

North East Raiders |
Lead | Jonathan Clark
>> North East Raiders Touch

North West Blades |
Lead | Cari Thorpe
>> Northwest Blades Touch Rugby

Midland Tigers |
Lead | Vicki Franks
>> Midlands Tigers

West Wildcats |
Leads | Sam Powles and Amro Karim
>> Wildcats Regional Touch - England West

South West Saxons |
Lead | Martin Wright
>> South West Touch

South East Taipans/Sharks |
Lead | TBC
>> South East Regional Touch

If you would like to get involved in developing Touch within your area please do not hesitate to get in contact with them!

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