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The venue

The University of Nottingham has hosted several highly successful international Touch tournaments over the last five years, and is fully prepared for the largest ever Touch World Cup.

In 2018 and 2022 the European Touch Championships took over Highfields Sports Complex for sun-drenched days of action, while Junior and Youth teams from across Europe, the USA, South Africa and China had their opportunity to experience the venue at the 2023 Atlantic Youth Touch Cup.

The sheer size of the 2024 Touch World Cup means that both of the University's sports complexes will be used to accommodate the near-190 teams across 13 categories.

The Riverside Sports Complex, just a mile as the crow flies from Highfields, is a familiar venue for English players, as it has hosted The Nationals, National Touch Series, and University Touch Championships regularly over the years.

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We are England Touch

Some space. A ball. Your mates. A game
Your team. A competition. Maybe a trophy or two
Work hard. Develop skills. Get selected. Represent your nation
Volunteer time. Pick up a whistle. Make a difference
This is England Touch. Pick up a ball and play!