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England teams named for 2022 European Touch Championships

The 10 England teams have been named for this summer’s European Touch Championships in Nottingham.

England has entered a team into every category as the country seeks to retain the Overall, Opens and Seniors crowns won in 2018, the last time the European Touch Championships were staged.

In all 37 clubs are represented, from as far afield as Exeter, Canterbury, Wigan and Percy Park (North Tyneside), with the teams coming together for two more weekend training camps before the action taps off at the University of Nottingham’s Highfields Sports Centre in the first week of August.

“This has been a lengthy but rewarding process,” commented High Performance Director, Ben Powell, “and by the time we arrive at tap off for ETC22 on August 1st, it will have been over 1,400 days since the last European Championships.

“We have assembled excellent squads through a process that may be the most competitive to date for England Touch. We are really looking forward to the opportunity to compete at ETC22 and feel all of our squads have a great chance to challenge for top honours.

“I would like to thank everyone who has helped us get to this point – the High Performance Panel, our excellent coaching team, our medical team, strength and conditioning and most importantly our dedicated and talented athletes.”

We send our congratulations to all the players who have been selected!

Men’s Open

Head Coach – Tim Osborne

Asst Coaches – Jeff Bimson, Martin Wright

Mark Aldous (London Scorpions), Oli Brassington (Nottingham), Adam Brimelow (NQ Rebels), Dominic Brook (Raptors), Sam Grant (Wigan Warriors), Ben Grinter (NQ Rebels), Josh Henderson (Thames Valley Vikings), Clark Hobson (BBR), Max Howard (Canterbury), Sam Jones (Hot Custard), William Lupton (Nottingham), Vaughn Meredith (Canterbury), Alexander Morris (Raptors), Horatio Price (Raptors), Hanro Rossouw (Raptors), Matthew Sandlant (St Albans), Will Serocold (London Scorpions), Kamil Shahabdeen (Galaxy London), Henry Stratford (CSSC London Eagles), Zubin Tanna (CSSC London Eagles), Charlie Thomson (London Scorpions), Louis Treays (Galaxy London), Dom Tripp (London Scorpions), Jon Weston-Stanley (Thames Valley Vikings)

Team of 16 plus Non-Travelling Reserves will be confirmed after the May High Performance training weekend

Women’s Open

Head Coach – Ben Powell

Asst Coach – Lexie Williams, Josh Bendel

Emily Bayliss (Raptors), Laura Cochrane (NQ Rebels), Naomi Fearnett (CSSC London Eagles), Danni Gregory (Canterbury), Susannah Hudson (London Scorpions), Emily Irons (London Scorpions), Sophie Lloyd (Nottingham), Kensie McNaught (CSSC London Eagles), Emma Oliver (London Scorpions), Amelia Paton (Crewe and Nantwich), Emily Rona-Roper (Galaxy London), Bronte Sykes (London Scorpions), Lydia Ticehurst (Galaxy London), Julia Unsworth (Galaxy London), Nicola Wise (Chester Cheetahs), Carly Wynne (NQ Rebels)

Non-Travelling Reserves

Emily Crowe (London Scorpions), Georgina McKavanagh (NQ Rebels), Erin Payten (Canterbury), Haniyyah Rahman-Shepherd (Hot Custard), Emily Simon (Nottingham), Annelise Thurley (Nottingham), Mia Watts (Cambridge)

Mixed Open

Head Coach – Justin Conway

Teddy Brooks (London Scorpions), Anna Crossley (NQ Rebels), Danielle Evans (NQ Rebels), Kendelle Fry (NQ Rebels), Harry Goldman (Hot Custard), Isobel Hobson (Nottingham), Joshua Ingram (NQ Rebels), Jamie Ironside (Hot Custard), Tom Lawton-Davies (Thames Valley Vikings), Ella Loveridge (Nottingham), Daniel Mayall (Hot Custard), Matthew Maynard (Cambridge), Meghan Pemberton (St Albans), Gabriel Pennington (NQ Rebels), Toby Phillips (NQ Rebels), James Plimsoll (Hot Custard)

Non-Travelling Reserves

Victoria Chiu (London Scorpions), Bradley Murphy (Cambridge), Eliot Nye (Canterbury), Daisy Pank (University of Bath), Alice Summers (Galaxy London), Lauren Torley (Thames Valley Vikings)

Women’s 27

Head Coach – Gary Lambert

Asst Coach – Sion Atkins, Stacey Coffin

Niki Bird (London Scorpions), Sallianne Buttsworth (London Scorpions), Jamie Cone (Cambridge), Joanne Devine (PFT Touch Rugby), Carys Dunn (Horsham Tigers), Katy Fielding (London Scorpions), Katherine Jones (Cambridge), Rachael Keane (Surrey Bisons), Rosie Kells (Bristol Jets), Nicola Marsh (CSSC London Eagles), Sadi Musson (Nottingham), Eleanor Pitcher (Nottingham), Lucy Snape (Nottingham), Isobel Thomas (EY London Vipers), Rose Willoughby (Exeter), Anna Wilson (Cambridge)

Non-Travelling Reserves

Georgia Blessed (CSSC London Eagles), Eimear Conroy (Cambridge), Alissa Grant-Walker (Bristol Jets)

Men’s 30

Coaches – Will Gillett, Daniel Wines, Byron Tibbits

Nathan Bourke (Thames Valley Vikings), Stuart Bussell (Galaxy London), Tom Davies (Cambridge), Neil Hennigan (Manchester Chargers), James Herd (Surrey Bisons), Steven Holland (Bristol Jets), Richard Jones (Nottingham), Jason Limerick (Thames Valley Vikings), Doug Maltby (Surrey Bisons), Rory Moore (EY London Vipers), Charles Newton (Thames Valley Vikings), Craig Samuel (Oxford), Colin Scott (CSSC London Eagles), Byron Tibbitts (Bristol Jets), Toby Williams (Bristol Jets), Daniel Wines (CSSC London Eagles)

Non-Travelling Reserves

Michael Kelly (Surrey Bisons), Richard Moody (CSSC London Eagles), Tom Simpson (Thames Valley Vikings), Gareth Weaver (South London)

Mixed 30

Head Coach – Jen Jones

Asst Coaches – Ryan Attwood, Tom Hardiman

Peter Bowyer (PFT Touch Rugby), Louise Carr (Thames Valley Vikings), Meghan Clayton (Wigan Warriors), Stacey Collins (Galaxy London), Victoria Franks (Cambridge), Robert Grist (Bristol Jets), Tim Hughes (Oxford), Jack Judd (CSSC London Eagles), Sean Macdonald (Wigan Warriors), Brent McDougall (Camelot Jesters), Ryan Miemczyk (BBR), George Miller (CSSC London Eagles), Dan Powell (Nottingham), Kara Roberts (Bournemouth Lions), Pamela Teager (NQ Rebels), Christopher Wall (CSSC London Eagles)

Non-Travelling Reserves

Jonathan Clark (Yorkshire Thorns), Fae Clerey (Hot Custard), Jordan Crosse (PFT Touch Rugby), Marcus Evans (Cheltenham), Natalie Grimsey (Horsham Tigers), Sonya Lam (Galaxy London), Samantha Powles (Revolution), Christopher Whimpenny (Oxford)

Women’s 35

Head Coach – Ed Budge

Asst Coach – Russell Earnshaw

Sarah Bellew (Manchester Chargers), Leah Cuthbertson (Hot Custard), Claire Davis (Oxford), Sue-Ellen Godde (Cambridge), Kylie Hutchison (London Scorpions), Kate Hyde (Nottingham), Olivia Jones (Revolution), Julia Kang (Manchester Chargers), Lois Lau (CSSC London Eagles), Rebecca Maxwell (CSSC London Eagles), Jen Palmer (Bristol Jets), Sammie Phillips (Thames Valley Vikings), Nollaig Quinn (NQ Rebels), Louise Rickard (Cambridge), Vicky Tomlinson (Nottingham), Marnie Wills (Oxford)

Non-Travelling Reserves

Joelene Hughes (Thames Valley Vikings), Claire Rylance (Revolution), Hana Suzuki (Cambridge)

Men’s 40

Head Coach – Gene MacDonald

Asst Coach – Marc Boyd

Campbell Allen (Oxford), Douglas Benzie (EY London Vipers), Ben Blackburn (Banbury Saxons), Gregg Cropper (Manchester Chargers), Ruez Durrani (Galaxy London), Matthew Hall (Nottingham), Joseph Hartley (Oxford), Jon Irwin (CSSC London Eagles), Mark Knight (BBR), Liam Lawton (Chester Cheetahs), Dan Lewis (Cambridge), Matt Mahoney (Brighton and Hove), James Mallick (Oxford), Zhayne Nel (EY London Vipers), Christian Prinsloo (Surrey Bisons), Erik Williams (Galaxy London)

Non-Travelling Reserves

Daniel Dyer (Canterbury), Matthew Jaynes (Cheltenham), Travis Kenny (Manchester Chargers), Russell Kelleway (CSSC London Eagles)

Men’s 45

Head Coach – Niall Buggy

Asst Coaches – Chris Garland, Simon Terry

Alex Berger (Brighton and Hove), Joshua Bingley (Norwich Rebels), Paul Bunce (Bristol Jets), Simon Cooper (Norwich Rebels), Lloyd Hook (CSSC London Eagles), Bill Lees, Kingsley Maunder (Green+Gold), Brett Milligan (Green+Gold), Kenneth Pollard (Nottingham), Simon Quarshie (Revolution), Michael Roa (Thames Valley Vikings), Brian Sibthorp (Surrey Bisons), Tim Stoller (CSSC London Eagles), Jeff Sue (Galaxy London), Lee Thompson (Thames Valley Vikings), David Williamson (Green+Gold)

Non-Travelling Reserves

Richard Balmer (Thames Valley Vikings), Richard Saunders (Norwich Rebels), Adrian Williams (Catterick), Shane Wilson (Bournemouth)

Men’s 50

Head Coach – Andy Sharpes

Asst Coaches – Clive Lovering, Mark Holmes

Paul Ainscough (Percy Park), Ryan Anglem (CSSC London Eagles), John Banks (Percy Park), James Barnett, Neil Davies, Mark Elliott (Horsham Tigers), Iain Grisewood, Mark Hobson (Nottingham), Dunc Mascarenhas (Crewe and Nantwich), Ian Moody (Percy Park), Spencer Nye (Canterbury), Adrian Riggs (Canterbury), Ian Spencer (Revolution), John Tuite (Green+Gold), Andy Verney, Simon Witton (Green+Gold)

Non-Travelling Reserves

Mark Carlyon (St Albans), Gerard Hargreaves (Percy Park), Theo Oberholzer (Green+Gold), Ian Rowberry (Revolution)

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