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2022 Euros Day 3 round-up

The 2022 European Touch Championships continues in Nottingham today! Check out each of our teams’ match schedule and live streaming links!

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Mens Open

England opened the day against Germany, whose commitment remained high throughout the match. But England were too strong, with Louis Treays leading the way with a hat-trick, Adam Brimelow and Matt Sandlant scoring in each half, Hanno Rossouw and Will Lupton both crossing twice in the second half and Vaughn Meredith, Horatio Price, Dom Tripp, Charlie Thomson and Josh Henderson all scoring on the way to a 16-3 win.

There was more one-way traffic against Wales in the middle game of the day. Lupton scored four more tries, Kamil Shahabdeen went over for a hat-trick, and Rossouw (2), Price (2), Meredith and Tripp joined by Sam Jones (2), Ben Grinter and Max Howard on the scoresheet.

And the day rounded off with another good win, this time against Belgium, who were seen off 17-0. Hat-tricks from Tripp, Treays, Shahabdeen and Jon Weston-Stanley led the way, with the other scores from Rossouw, Meredith, Price, and a Sandlant double.

There is plenty to play for in the Mens Open competition, and England will have games against France, Scotland and Germany on Friday as their campaign continues.

Womens Open

England opened the day against Scotland, and while there was just a three-try margin at half-time – Emily Rona-Roper (2), Lydia Ticehurst and Nicola Wise scoring – the English cut free in the second half, Rona-Roper completing her hat-trick, Georgina McKavanagh going over twice and Emily Irons, Naomi Fearnett, Emily Bayliss and Danni Gregory also scoring on the way to an 11-1 win.

There was a 10-try difference against France at lunchtime, with England scoring six in the first half and eight in the second en route to a 14-4 final result. Carly Wynne (2), Ticehurst, Wise and Fearnett all scored in the first half, with Rona-Roper and Emily Simon both grabbing braces in the second, Bronte Sykes, Laura Cochrane and Irons the other scorers.

Sykes, Rona-Roper, Wise and Gregory all scored doubles in the final game of the day as well, as England saw off Wales 12-1. The team took control in the first half, leading 7-0 when the hooter sounded, with a further five to come after the break, Irons, Fearnett and Kensie McNaught all crossing in the second half.

England complete their league campaign with matches against Ireland and Belgium on Friday.

Mixed Open

England had one of their toughest tests of the week in their opening match against a Wales outfit which had swept all before them previously in the week. The two form teams of the competition served up a cracking contest from start to finish, in which England built up a four-try lead, only to see Wales tie things up at 10-10 before a shootout in the final few minutes which the English edged to win 12-11.

Ella Loveridge’s second half hat-trick was crucial, as was Anna Crossley’s score, with the other tries coming before the break from Toby Phillips (2), Meghan Pemberton (2), Harry Goldman, Kendelle Fry, Jamie Ironside and Bradley Murphy.

England then followed this up with a more comfortable success against Scotland. Phillips scored another two in the first half as England built up a 7-1 lead, with Isobel Hobson, Teddy Brooks, Danielle Evans, Dan Mayall and Matthew Maynard also crossing. Phillips added another brace after the break, and with Ironside and Murphy crossing England had an 11-2 win in the bag.

However the team got a handy reminder of the need for concentration throughout the 40 minutes in their final game of the day. The Channel Islanders refused to roll over in the first half, and the teams went into the break locked at two tries apiece. Ella Loveridge and Pemberton scored the tries, and whatever was said at half-time worked, as England pulled away in the second half, outscoring Jersey 9-1. Josh Ingram scored three, Pemberton completed her brace, and Goldman, Phillips, Ironside, Tom Lawton-Davies and James Plimsoll did the rest.

England now top the table as the only unbeaten side, and they will round off their league campaign with matches against Bulgaria and Ireland on Friday.

Womens 27

England continued their dominance of the category with another double-digit score, this time against Wales. Leading 6-1 at the break, England put another five tries over the whitewash in the second half. Anna Wilson increased her number of hat-tricks, Niki Bird, Rachael Keane and Rosie Kells all scored twice, with Jamie Cone and Lucy Snape completing the scoring.

Against Switzerland at lunchtime there was no let-off, as England turned a 4-0 half-time lead into a 9-1 final result. Wilson had another hat-trick, Bird had her second double of the day and Katy Fielding (2), Kells and Sallianne Buttsworth scored the remaining tries.

Wilson had earned her rest for the day’s final game, against Spain. The scoring mantle was taken up by Keane, who scored four tries in the first half alone, with Rose Willoughby and Bird having hat-tricks split by the break, and Nicola Marsh scoring in the first half.

The 12-1 win consolidated England’s place at the top of the table, and they will have matches against Scotland and Ireland on Friday to round off the pool.

Mens 30

England opened the day with a dominant outing against Sweden. The 16-0 shutout told its own story, and Stuart Bussell will have the plaudits after becoming England’s highest scorer in an individual match so far in this year’s Euros, crossing six times in all. Byron Tibbetts, Dan Wines and Tom Davies also grabbed multiple tries, with Doug Maltby, Steven Holland, Colin Scott and Craig Samuel completing the scoring.

There was a similarly dominant 40 minutes against Ireland later in the day. Maltby’s second half hat-trick were three of eight tries scored after the break, Charlie Newton (2), Jason Limerick and Nathan Bourke adding to Bussell’s brace and efforts from Tibbitts and Davies.

England sit second in the table with a game in hand against France, which they will catch up against Belgium on Friday.

Mixed 30

Both England and England Lions had good outings throughout the day.

First up was the senior team, who turned a 5-2 half-time lead into a 9-5 final result against Scotland. The tries were shared around the team, Brent Macdougall, Meghan Clayton, George Miller, Victoria Franks all scoring in the first. Grist and Clayton added second scores after the break, with Dan Powell and Brent Macdougall completing the scoring.

Then it was over to the Lions, who showed plenty of resilience to claw back a two-try half-time deficit into an 11-all draw against France.

Akshan Jirasinha, Marcus Evans, Peggy Mulligan, Eimear Conroy and James Webber had kept the Lions in touch at the break, but they had to dig deep late in the contest to earn a share of the spoils. Glenn Jones (2), Abigail Walters, Hana Suzuki, Tom Simpson and Annabel Jansen all dotted down and come the final whistle it was clear that the Lions were the happier of the two teams.

With the Lions having demonstrated their own comeback potential, then it was the turn of the senior team to face the French at lunchtime.

This was also a very close encounter, but despite plenty of French quality it was the English who scored the tries, Louise Carr getting two in the first half, along with Peter Bowyer, Ryan Miemczyk, Tim Hughes and Rob Grist to build a 6-4 half-time lead. Grist added a second after the break, and with Brent McDougall and Sean Macdonald also scoring England had a 9-6 win.

Back to the Lions, but while they had to fight back from a two-try deficit against France, against Scotland they saw a similar lead slip in the second half. Walter (2), Webber and Martin Bunn had given England a 4-2 lead at the break, but they could only add a solitary try in the second half, Jirasinha crossing the whitewash, and 5-5 was the final score.

England and the Lions complete their three-game mini series on Friday, with England playing Scotland and the Lions facing France.

Womens 35

England opened the day with a comfortable 11-2 win over Ireland. The 5-0 half-time margin always looked too big to overcome – Louise Rickard, Kylie Hutchison, Vicky Tomlinson, Sarah Bellew and Leah Cuthbertson the scorers – and so it proved, with Tomlinson scoring three more after the break along with Hutchison, Bellew and Sammie Phillips.

The build-up towards the finals continued against Wales, a game which England shut out their opponents in both halves to record an 8-0 win. Hutchison scored two more tries, as did Julia Kang, with Phillips, Tomlinson, Bellew and Marnie Wills completing the scoring.

England now have one foot in the final, with pool matches against Scotland and Ireland still to come on Friday.

Mens 40

Having had the fillip of a dramatic win over France on day two, England took their momentum into the day three clash with Scotland, scoring seven unanswered tries in the first half alone. Christian Prinsloo scored the first two of his eventual hat-trick, with Liam Lawton, Erik Williams, Matt Hall, Campbell Allen and Joseph Hartley also scoring.

Prinsloo and Hartley scored again after half-time, James Mallick scored two, and with Dan Lewis and Ben Blackburn also crossing England had a 14-1 win in the bag.

England’s final game was also a comfortable win, this time a 13-1 success against Ireland. Matt Mahoney had a hat-trick interrupted by half-time, as did Lewis with his double, with Jon Irwin getting his pair in the first half. Hartley, Mallick, Williams, Lawton, Mark Knight and Zhayne Nel were the other scorers.

The Mens 40 have one more game against Belgium on Friday to secure top spot in the table, which in turn would mean that they would have a bye in the quarter finals.

Mens 45

The day’s opener against Wales was a tight affair which England won 6-3. But it was close at half-time, Simon Quarshie’s brace and a score from Simon Witton giving England a slender 3-2 lead. Witton crossed again after the break, as did Josh Bingley and Kingsley Maunder as Wales’s momentum ran out.

It was similarly close against Switzerland at half-time in the day’s other game. Quarshie and Bill Lees scored England’s only tries as they led 2-1 at the break. But they pulled away in the second half, Quarshie completing a hat-trick and David Williamson scoring, too, to finish with a 5-1 victory.

England remain unbeaten at the top of the table, with games to come against Scotland, Portugal and France to come on Friday.

Mens 50

The Mens 50s had a frustrating first game of the day, which also became their first loss of the tournament.

Singapore have come to Nottingham to showcase their experience, and while England had edged their first game, it was the travellers who did so this time around, winning 5-4. Spencer Nye scored twice in the first half, as well as his team’s only try of the second, with Dunc Mascarenhas the other man on the scoresheet.

Against Ireland there was nothing to separate the teams both times the hooter sounded, Witton scoring the team’s only try in the first half, before adding a second after the break. Ian Spencer also scored in the second half, but Ireland remained in contact for a 3-3 final result.

England will play Ireland and Wales on Friday.

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