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Revised England national squads announced for 2020 High Performance camps

The revised squads have been named for the next stage of training camps ahead of the 2020 European Touch Championships.

Two hundred and fifty-four players, along with a number of development players, will reconvene in February for the first of six camps which will build up to the Euros themselves, which are being held at the University of Nottingham’s Highfields Sports Centre between July 28th and August 1st, 2020.

In all 44 clubs are represented from as far afield as Exeter, Canterbury, Wigan and Newcastle.

“We had two good camps in Nottingham and Barnsley and the selection meetings took a long time with plenty of discussion,” says High Performance Director Ben Powell. “This reflected the competition for places and everyone who has made the squads for the new year reflects their places.

“We're looking forward to reconvening in February to start building in earnest towards the Euros.”

REVISED SQUADS (D = Development player)

Head Coach
Tim Osborne

Mark Aldous (Galaxy London), Ewan Armstrong (London Scorpions), Matthew Bate, (Chester Cheetahs), Adam Brimelow (Chester Cheetahs), Max Ducourneau                    (Raptors), Josh Henderson (Thames Valley Vikings), Clark Hobson (Bareback Riders), Max Howard (Canterbury), Sam Jones (Hot Custard), William Lupton (Nottingham), Oliver Maynard (Cambridge), Evan Michaels (CSSC London Eagles), Samuel Missin (Cambridge), Miles Partridge (Galaxy London), Aaron Povall (Wigan Warriors), George Price (Wigan Warriors), Christian Scott (Thames Valley Vikings), Will Serocold (London Scorpions), Kamil Shahabdeen (Bristol Fijians), Henry Stratford (CSSC London Eagles), Dom Tripp (London Scorpions), Will Tyrrell (Raptors), Jon Weston-Stanley (Thames Valley Vikings), Toby Woodward (Guildfordians (G:Force))

Head Coach
Ben Powell

Sophie Arbuthnott (London Scorpions), Emily Crowe (London Scorpions), Thea Dawson (Cambridge), Naomi Fearnett (CSSC London Eagles), Katy Fielding (Guildfordians (G:Force)), Danni Gregory (Canterbury), Alison Hogg (Bareback Riders), Susannah Hudson (London Scorpions), Emily Irons (London Scorpions), Sophie Lloyd (Nottingham), Kensie McNaught (CSSC London Eagles), Emma Mundy (Cheltenham), Sadi Musson (Nottingham), Lucy Norburn (Cambridge), Morgan Ogle (Manchester Chargers), Emma Oliver (Nottingham), Eleana Panayotou Ennes (University - Exeter (EUTRC)), Amelia Paton (Crewe and Nantwich), Meghan Pemberton (University - Exeter (EUTRC)), Caroline Pillman (Hot Custard), Olivia Rae (London Scorpions), Haniyyah Rahman-Shepherd (Galaxy London), Emily Rona-Roper (Galaxy London), Emily Simon (Nottingham), Bronte Sykes (Other), Lydia Ticehurst (Canterbury), Nicola Wise (Chester Cheetahs)

Head Coach
Justin Conway

Teddy Brooks (London Scorpions), Keir Clark (Bristol Fijians), Ben Geldart (Hot Custard), Harry Goldman (Hot Custard), Angus Gough (Hot Custard), Joshua Ingram (Wigan Warriors), Jamie Ironside (Galaxy London), Ollie Lee (London Scorpions), Matthew Maynard (Cambridge), Bradley Murphy (Cambridge), Gabriel Pennington (Wigan Warriors), Shane Scott (Galaxy London), Victoria Chiu (London Scorpions), Anna Crossley (Chester Cheetahs), Elizabeth Dorey (Oxford), Jade Grantham (London Scorpions), Isobel Hobson (Nottingham), Phoebe Jay (Wigan Warriors), Daisy Pank (University - Bath Hawks), Eleanor Pitcher (Nottingham), Phoebe Simon (Nottingham), Alice Sommerville (Hot Custard), Lauren Torley (Thames Valley Vikings)

Head Coach
Gary Lambert

Samantha Bell (CSSC London Eagles), Niki Bird (London Scorpions), Louise Carr (Thames Valley Vikings), Fae Clerey (Hot Custard), Stacey Coffin (CSSC London Eagles), Emma Garfield (St Albans), Katherine Jones (Cambridge), Rachael Keane (Bournemouth Lions), Lois Lau (CSSC London Eagles), Jenny Lee (Galaxy London), Sofia Luxton (Thames Valley Vikings), Nicola Marsh (CSSC London Eagles), Sammie Phillips (Thames Valley Vikings), Nollaig Quinn (Manchester Chargers), Keisha Raymond Blyth (CSSC London Eagles), Claire Rylance (Revolution), Lucy Snape (Nottingham), Alice Tozzi (CSSC London Eagles), Catriona Weir (Hot Custard), Marnie Wills (Galaxy London), Anna Wilson (Cambridge), Georgia Blessed (D) (Yorkshire Thorns), Carys Dunn (D) (Horsham Tigers), Alexandra Willis (D) (CSSC London Eagles)

MEN’S 30s
Head Coach
Matt Harper

Nathan Bourke (Galaxy London), Stuart Bussell (Galaxy London), Alasdair Clark (Chester Cheetahs), Jonathan Clark (Yorkshire Thorns), David Dernie (Nottingham), Tom Hall (CSSC London Eagles), Neil Hennigan (Yorkshire Thorns), James Herd (Guildfordians (G:Force)), Steven Holland (Bristol Fijians), Richard Jones (Nottingham), Alex Krikorian (St Albans), Liam Lawton (Chester Cheetahs), Ben Linford (Bedford), Craig Samuel (O2 – Didcot), Colin Scott (CSSC London Eagles), Oliver Sills (Cheltenham), Jason Waddell (CSSC London Eagles), Kit Wapshott (Cheltenham), Gareth Weaver (CSSC London Eagles), Daniel Wines (CSSC London Eagles), Peter Bowyer (D) (Manchester Chargers), Jordan Crosse (D) (Manchester Chargers), Oliver Taylor (D) (Galaxy London), Thomas Wells (D) (Cambridge), Toby Williams (D) (Bristol Fijians)

Head Coach
Dan Powell

Martin Bunn (Royston), Gregg Cropper (Manchester Chargers), Paul Humphrey (Peterborough), Glenn Jones (Cambridge), James Large (O2 – Wymondham), Ryan Miemczyk (Bareback Riders), Andrew Richmond (Peterborough), Will Simpson (CSSC London Eagles), James Stewart (Norwich Rebels), Peter Strachan (Yorkshire Thorns), Aaron Treagus (Cheltenham), Christopher Wall (CSSC London Eagles), Rachael Atkins (CSSC London Eagles), Stacey Collins (Galaxy London), Victoria Franks (Cambridge), Natalie Grimsey (Horsham Tigers), Julia Kang (Nottingham), Lucy Neal-Hooke (Thames Valley Vikings), Samantha Powles (Revolution), Kara Roberts (Bournemouth Lions), David Scribbins (Percy Park), Tamara Slater (Cambridge), Hana Suzuki (Cambridge)

MEN’S 35s
Head Coach
Gene MacDonald

Matt Allpress (Green and Gold), Andrew Beattie (Manchester Chargers), Douglas Benzie (Galaxy London), Stuart Block (Green and Gold), Adam Brodie (Bedford), Alastair Chadwick (Manchester Chargers), Semisi Cocker (Other), Ruez Durrani (Galaxy London), Daniel Dyer (Canterbury), Jonathan Elkin (CSSC London Eagles), Fraser Florence (Cambridge), Mark Glendinning (Bristol Fijians), Ashley Grimsey (Horsham Tigers), Andrew Hammond (Oxford), Dean Hancock (Cambridge), Alexander Hunter (CSSC London Eagles), Phillip Jackson (Other), Matthew Jaynes (Cheltenham), Chris Jenner (Galaxy London), Amro Karim (Oxford), Mark Knight (Bareback Riders), Dan Lewis (Cambridge), Matt Mahoney (Exeter), Christian Prinsloo (Guildfordians (G:Force))

Head Coach
Ed Budge

Zoe Aubert (Thames Valley Vikings), Sarah Bellew (Manchester Chargers), Celestine Cheong (Hot Custard), Julia Cole (Thames Valley Vikings), Claire Davis (Revolution), Cathi Farrer (Bournemouth Lions), Aimee Findlay (Percy Park), Sue-Ellen Godde (Cambridge), Joelene Hughes (Oxford), Kylie Hutchison (London Scorpions), Kate Hyde (Nottingham), Olivia Jones (Revolution), Ellen Lewin (Chester Cheetahs), Rebecca Maxwell (CSSC London Eagles), Jennifer Palmer (Bristol Fijians), Zoe Parish (Nottingham), Danielle Powley-Williams (Thames Valley Vikings), Beth Redfern (Manchester Chargers), Margaret Rees-smith (Revolution), Louise Rickard (Cambridge), Sarah Rosenburg (Bristol Fijians), Polly Ross (O2 - Farnham Saxons), Elizabeth Williamson (Green and Gold), Suzanne Wilson (Canterbury), Victoria Stevens (D) (Bristol Fijians)

MEN’S 40s
Head Coach
Travis Kenny

Campbell Allen (Oxford), Alex Berger (Brighton and Hove), James Berkley (EY London Vipers), Joshua Bingley (Norwich Rebels), Ben Blackburn (Banbury), Dale Bright (Green and Gold), Aaron Chan (CSSC London Eagles), Matthew Hall (Nottingham), Joseph Hartley (Oxford), Nicholas Heath (CSSC London Eagles), Jon Irwin (CSSC London Eagles), Russell Kelleway (CSSC London Eagles), Travis Kenny (Cambridge), Bruce Kirby (Bristol Fijians), Jon Lovell (Cambridge), James Mallick (Oxford), Kingsley Maunder (Other), Brett Milligan (Green and Gold), Andy Penniceard (CSSC London Eagles), Michael Roa (Galaxy London), Brian Sibthorp (Guildfordians (G:Force)), Tim Stoller (CSSC London Eagles), Jeff Sue (Galaxy London), Erik Williams (Galaxy London), Simon Witton (Green and Gold)

MEN’S 45s
Head Coach
Niall Buggy

Paul Ainscough (Percy Park), Ryan Anglem (CSSC London Eagles), Richard Balmer (Thames Valley Vikings), John Banks (Percy Park), James Barnett (Other), Damien Chew (South London), Simon Cooper (Norwich Rebels), Neil Davies (Other), Keith Dunleavy (Green and Gold), Mark Elliott (Horsham Tigers), Iain Grisewood (O2 – Wymondham), Chris Holt (Chester Cheetahs), Luke Hudson (Bristol Fijians), Mark Jensen (O2 - Ross-on-Wye), Bill Lees (Other), Ray MacFarlane (Bedford), Paul Morris (Chester Cheetahs), Theo Oberholzer (Other), Jonnie Pinder (Yorkshire Thorns), Kenneth Pollard (Nottingham), Brian Prebble (Thames Valley Vikings), Ian Spencer (Cheltenham), Lee Thompson (Thames Valley Vikings), John Tuite (Green and Gold), Philip Walton (Guildfordians (G:Force)), Adrian Williams (Catterick)

MEN’S 50s
Head Coach
Simon Ince

Trevor Allen (Other), Ben Bernardo (O2 – Typhoons), Robert Byrne (O2 – Orrell), Mark Carlyon (St Albans), Shaun Dalais (O2 – Wellesbourne), Eddie French (Canterbury), Julian Gilding (Crewe and Nantwich), Gerard Hargreaves (Percy Park), Mark Hobson (Nottingham), Simon Ince (Other), Dunc Mascarenhas (Crewe and Nantwich), Martin Mascarenhas (Crewe and Nantwich), Ian Moody (Percy Park), Paul Nolan (Other), James Norman (Bournemouth Touch Centre), Federico Petersen (O2 – Chobham), Adrian Riggs (Canterbury), Ian Rowberry (Revolution), Tim Shields (Manchester Chargers), Andy Verney (Other)

We are England Touch

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Your team. A competition. Maybe a trophy or two
Work hard. Develop skills. Get selected. Represent your nation
Volunteer time. Pick up a whistle. Make a difference
This is England Touch. Good times in a sport for all