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NTS / CTS Finals - The round up

NTS / CTS Finals - The round up

Congratulations to London Galaxy for taking the 2013 NTS title,

and to CSSC Wookies for taking the 2013 CTS title.

Round up of the winners from the weekend below, full results to come.

Overall NTS title - London Galaxy

Elite 8s Cup - Bareback Riders

Elite 8s Plate - Tumeke

Super 8s Cup - London Scorpions

Super 8s Plate - Oxford

Overall CTS Title - CSSC Wookies

CTS Cup - Canterbury Cougars

CTS Plate - Portsmouth Destroyers

Promotion/Relegation Play-off

Galaxy II 6 Wigan Warriors 1


Results Tables




Elite 8s Female Amber Penrith

Elite 8s Male Simon Williams

Super 8s Female Samantha Phillips

Super 8s Male Joe Hartley

CTS Female Aimee Bradshaw

CTS Male Tim Jones

Referee of the Finals Aubrey Collins

Referee of the Series Ian Syder

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We are the players. We are the supporters, willing us on. We are the medals, waiting to be won. We are the touchdowns, waiting to be scored. We are the men and women of all ages. We are the talent of today. We are the potential for tomorrow. We are one team. We are England Touch