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Training advice for the first weeks back

Touch returns to play next Monday (March 29th) and with the last organised training not having been possible since before Christmas, and the winter having potentially restricted individual fitness sessions, the England Touch High Performance strength and conditioning team has put together some advice for clubs and coaches for the first few weeks back.
  1. Doing too much too soon can cause injuries, so coaches need to be mindful of how long it will take to safely restore tissue capacity to carry out full training loads
  2. It is important to understand that the continued absence of training will have led to de-training, so ensure that coaching sessions address this in terms of running intensities and volume
  3. Training volume should start low and gradually progress to longer, more intense drills
  4. Ensure appropriate warm-ups and perform any strengthening and mobility drills around training to reduce the risk of injury
  5. Ensure adequate rest between fatiguing drills, and use this time to perform low-intensity ball drills
  6. Manipulate games to have set rest intervals

Finally, remember that the total duration of training should not exceed 75 minutes and make sure that social distancing is adhered to when off the field, including in the sub box.

Download all guidance for your planning at

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