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England Men's 45s | An update for 2017

England Men's 45s | An update for 2017

After a successful first outing, winning gold at this year's European Touch Championships, the England Men's 45s coaching and leadership team have ambitious plans to participate in international friendlies with other European countries in summer 2017.

To qualify for this England squad you need to be 45 or older on 31st December 2016. The pathway for selection in next year's England Men's 45s squads is either via competing in the Men's 45s Nationals event or by participating in one of the training sessions (more details below).

The first, and most desirable route, is to make sure that you are in one of the regional squads playing in an Men's 45s Nationals on November 19th at Allianz Park. Please contact Jo Whitehead at for more information.

For those unable to attend this event there will be a number of open training sessions which will allow you a chance to trial for squad selection. The first training session is on October 9th and another is booked for 4th December – both will be in Nottingham.

For regular updates, join the England Touch - Men's 45s facebook group (you will need to be logged into Facebook to see this). Please click the "Join" button at the top of the page to request to join the group. This will make finding the group easier in future should you want to view or contribute to the group. The site gives a general update of current activities and events.

There is also a twitter account that will provide regular updates. This can be found @EnglandTouchM45.

There is also a Doodle poll where you can register your availability for training sessions.

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