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2017 England Open Training Squads Finalised

2017 England Open Training Squads Finalised

England Touch would like to congratulate the players listed below who have been included in the 2017 England Men’s, Mixed and Women’s Open training squads.

While the focus for our elite players in 2017 will be the newly formed European Federation of Touch Premiership Permit tournament, the England high-performance team and coaches have finalised national opens training squads to ensure continuity through to the 2018 international campaign.

These squads will come together for a number of sessions in 2017.

Some players have been given the opportunity to train in both Men’s and Mixed, or Women’s and Mixed squads.

England Men's Open Training Squad

Shaun Bengtson, Dominic Brook, Matthew Davis, Richard Eccles, Oliver Francis, Angus Gough, Sam Graham, Tom Hall, James Heptonstall, Clark Hobson, Max Howard, Sam Jones, James Knoop, Will Lawrence, Daniel Mayall, Nicholas McGeever, Gareth McRae, Ben Meakin, Vaughn Meredith, Ed Rawe, Clinton Rowling, Daniel Rowling, Alex Scott, Will Serocold, Kamil Shahabdeen, Byron Tibbitts, Dom Tripp, Jon Weston-Stanley, Simon Whitnall

Coach: Ben Smith

England Mixed Open Training Squad

Kathryn Brown-Williams, Meghan Clayton, Ellie Costello, Emily Crowe, Leah Cuthbertson, Kate Davis-Bavin, Elizabeth Dorey, Alissa Grant-Walker, Jade Grantham, Alison Hogg, Danni Payton, Doug Benzie, Fin Creighton, Sam Grant, Clark Hobson, Josh Ingram, Mark Knight, Will Lawrence, Jordan Melling, Jake Melling, Ryan Miemczyk, Gabe Pennington, Toby Phillips, Benjamin Powell, George Price, Kamil Shahabdeen, Robert Taylor, Salesi Tuiono

Coach: Justin Conway

England Women's Open Training Squad

Nicolette Bird, Emily Clews, Rosannah Cormack, Ellie Costello, Emily Crowe, Kate Davis-Bavin, Elizabeth Dorey, Adeline Drut, Anna Goddard, Nina Gulati, Carlie Hoffman, Susannah Hudson, Kylie Hutchison, Jen Lee, Sofia Luxton, Karen Matthews, Charlotte McFarland, Sadi Meakin, Jen Palmer, Lucinda Paul, Danni Payton, Charlotte Phillipson, Caroline Pillman, Olivia Rae, Bronte Sykes, Kaitlin Wells, Marnie Wills, Jenny Young

Coach: Simon Clare

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