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2013 Annual General Meeting

2013 Annual General Meeting

The 2013 England Touch AGM will take place as detailed below:

When: 3/11/13

Time: 11:00

Where: Gosford All Blacks RFC, Stratfield Brake, Freize Way, Kidlington, Oxfordshire, OX5 1UP

All members of the ETA are invited to attend and participate in the meeting. All league operators, clubs or venues that contribute financially to the ETA are invited to attend by sending one representative, or committee member, on its behalf. We also welcome attendance from any league or club interested in becoming affiliated to the ETA. Confirmation of attendance should be sent to Julie Walker on, stating your name, contact number, email address and details of which affiliated club or league you are representing.

During the AGM, elections will be held for:

  • President,
  • Vice President,
  • Referee Director,
  • Governance Director,
  • Technical Director
  • Finance Director (subject also to applicant having sufficient background knowledge in the area),

Appointments of other positions on the ETA committee may be made at the same meeting (by the elected executive committee, comprised as per positions above). These roles are:

  • Head of Medical,
  • PR / Marketing Director
  • Tournaments Director
  • Membership Director
  • High Performance Director
  • Development Director
  • Secretary (ex officio)
2013 Annual Report, and all other minutes can be found here:


Please see the agenda for the upcoming ETA AGM & OGM.

2013 AGM OGM Agenda

Please read all points carefully, particularly point 11 on the AGM agenda where there will be a vote for all affiliated members regarding a proposed increase in affiliation costs to cover the increased cost for insurance provision.

If you will not be present in person at the AGM then you are entitled to vote by proxy for points 9 (Election of Officers of Executive Committee: vote for or against those standing, or abstain), and 11 (Insurance provision proposals: vote for or against those standing, or abstain).

If you wish to exercise your right to vote by proxy then you MUST email me prior to the meeting with the details of the person you are nominating to vote on your behalf.  This person MUST confirm via email that they are willing to accept this proxy vote and MUST be present in person at the meeting.

Please read the agenda and associated documents / links thoroughly and make every effort to attend the meeting, this is YOUR chance to have your say on the future of England Touch

If you have any further questions on the above please ask



We are England Touch

We are the players. We are the supporters, willing us on. We are the medals, waiting to be won. We are the touchdowns, waiting to be scored. We are the men and women of all ages. We are the talent of today. We are the potential for tomorrow. We are one team. We are England Touch