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Touch Series Finals 2013

Touch Series Finals 2013

Play started at 9:50 at the National Touch Series (NTS) and Challenge Touch Series (CTS) Finals 2013, but the Elite 8 kicked proceedings off at 10:25 on Pitch 1. The Elite 8 are made up of the top half of the NTS league, the Super 8 holding the rest of the teams.

The tournament has four pools that play over four pitches, but we would be focusing on pitches 1 and 2 that were holding the Elite 8 matches as well as all the finals of the day’s competition.

A teams standing in the league is determined by how well you place in events such as this. The NTS had four tournaments in Nottingham, London Cambridge and Manchester while the CTS played in Reading, Newcastle, Widnes and Canterbury. Squads gathered from England, Scotland and Wales to take part in the finals.

Elite 8sPitch 1

London Galaxy 6 – 2 Phoenix Touch

Touted as one of the teams to watch, London Galaxy opened their account with a strong showing against the Welsh side Phoenix Touch.


Tumeke Sports 6 – 1 Manchester Chargers

Tumeke had great team composition and proved a handful for Manchester.


London Galaxy 4 – 6 Bareback Riders

The London teams were the ones to beat, the Bareback Riders knew that and took the game to London Galaxy. Trading scores in a fairly well matched game these two teams were great to watch.

IMG_0349IMG_0356Tumeke Sports 5 – 6 Hot Custard

This was an energetic game with Hot Custard making use of some clever two man play to get scores and make the difference.


London Galaxy 7 – 1 Durka Touch

The Galaxy were finding there stride in the competition, which was unfortunate timing for Durka Touch.


Tumeke Sports 3 – 6 Cambridge Hornets

Cambridge were able to pull of the upset against Tumeke, perhaps this championship is more wide open than expected.

IMG_0477Pitch 2

Bareback Riders 8 – 2 Durka Touch

This was Bareback Riders first game of the day, and they set down a marker for the other teams. With a potent offensive capability the Riders looked a good bet to do well.


Hot Custard 5 – 3 Cambridge Hornets

Hot Custard started the tournament well putting it on Cambridge to capture the win.


Durka Touch 3 – 5 Phoenix Touch

Phoenix Touch did their part to maintain Welsh pride picking up the win against Durka.


Cambridge Hornets 9 – 7 Manchester Chargers

Although Manchester gave their all, Cambridge gave more with many players going in for a score.


Bareback Riders 7 – 2 Phoenix Touch

The Riders continued their winning form, easing past Phoenix for an emphatic win.


Hot Custard 8 – 4 Manchester Chargers

Manchester Chargers’ games are a family affair, but even this tight unit wasn’t able to pull out the win against Hot Custard.

IMG_0482IMG_0475IMG_0471Super 8 resultsPitch 3

London Scorpions 5 – 2 Custard Jagers

Thames Valley 6 – 3 Nottingham Hoods

London Scorpions 5 – 2 Wigan Touch Warriors

Thames Valley 5 – 2 Oxford Touch

London Scorpions 7 – 3 Galaxy II

Thames Valley 5 – 5 Bristol Fijians

Pitch 4

Wigan Warriors Touch 4 – 2 Galaxy II

Oxford Touch 3 – 8 Bristol Fijians

Galaxy II 3 – 3 Custard Jagers

Bristol Fijians 4 – 3 Nottingham Hoods

Wigan Touch Warriors 4 – 1 Custard Jagers

Oxford Touch 4 – 2 Nottingham Hoods


Everyone was hoping the weather forecast wasn’t going to be accurate. Heavy rain was predicted for the late afternoon which was just the time the finals were due to kick off. The knock out games started in fine conditions, but eventually that began to change.

CTS Cup Semi-final 1

Thames Valley 4 – 7 Wigan Touch Warriors

Wigan team had a good mixture of young development talent as well as more experienced player. The outcome was a win for the well balanced side.


CTS Cup Semi-final 2

Canterbury Cougars 5 – 4 CSSC Wookies

These two teams enjoyed their appearance on pitch 1 & 2 during the finals. Both teams played hard in an effort to make the most of the opportunity to progress.

IMG_0511IMG_0514CTS Plate Semi-final 1

Portsmouth Destroyers 4 – 3 Galaxy II

CTS Plate Semi-final 2

Percy Park Pirates 3 – 2 Nottingham Hoods

Elite 8 Plate Semi-final 1

Phoenix Touch 6 – 3 Manchester Chargers

IMG_0539IMG_0551IMG_0552IMG_0553IMG_0560IMG_0561IMG_0562Elite 8 Plate Semi-final 2

Tumeke Sports 3 – 2 Durka Touch

IMG_0544Super 8 Plate Semi-final 1

Oxford Touch 9 – 6 Custard Jagers

Super 8 Plate Semi-final 2

London Galaxy II 4 – 5 Nottingham Hoods

Elite 8 Cup Semi-final 1

Bareback Riders 10 – 2 Cambridge Hornets

IMG_0566Elite 8 Cup Semi-final 2

Hot Custard 3 – 4 London Galaxy

Super 8 Cup Semi-final 1

Bristol Fijians 8 – 3 Wigan Touch Warriors

Super 8 Cup Semi-final 2

London Scorpions 4 – 0 Thames Valley

CTS Cup Final

Wigan Touch Warriors 1 – 2 Canterbury Cougars

Super 8 Plate Final

Oxford Touch 10 – 1 Nottingham Hoods

CTS Plate Final

Portsmouth Destroyers 4 – 0 Percy Park Pirates

Super 8 Cup Final

Bristol Fijians 2 – 6 London Scorpions

IMG_0577IMG_0578IMG_0579IMG_0580IMG_0592IMG_0593IMG_0594IMG_0595Elite 8 Plate Final

Phoenix Touch 2 – 7 Tumeke Sports

Elite 8 Cup Final

Bareback Riders 5 – 0 London Galaxy

On paper this was due to be the best game of the day. The top two teams of the top half. Although facing a London team that were fancied to win the competition, the Scottish team showed no mercy in dispatching the London Galaxy to take the Elite 8 Cup Final.

IMG_0599IMG_0603IMG_0621IMG_0625IMG_0648IMG_0662IMG_0663Promotion/Relegation Play-off

London Galaxy II 6 – 1 Wigan Touch Warriors


Despite the damp end to the day, there was some scintillating touch rugby on offer. Hopefully it’s not to long until another big touch tournament comes to town.

We are England Touch

We are the players. We are the supporters, willing us on. We are the medals, waiting to be won. We are the touchdowns, waiting to be scored. We are the men and women of all ages. We are the talent of today. We are the potential for tomorrow. We are one team. We are England Touch