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iDrills App: the Perfect App for Touch Rugby Coaches

iDrills App: the Perfect App for Touch Rugby Coaches

Are you a rugby coach who wants to utilise technology to your advantage? Unfortunately, there aren't a great deal of apps for rugby coaches especially for Touch. iDrills is an effective rugby training app that has an intuitive user interface and logical progression feature to help coaches keep track of his or her team’s training as well as their progress.

iDrills is more than just a white board on a tablet screen, the app provides coaches of all levels aid in micro managing his or her team. The neat player-deployment system allows coaches to quickly place players on a canvas with just a swipe of a finger. There are many coloured tokens to use to represent specific players that coaches can edit regarding their positional information. Drawing tools are available on the app, too, including solid and dashed arrow lines, double-ended arrow lines and freehand tools. There’s also a smart eraser tool so that coaches can delete the lines and arrows no longer needed.

Player positioning can be saved using iDrills’ fast progression system. The training equipment that a coach wants a specific player to use can be toggled, as well as copied easily using the aforementioned fast progression system. All coaches need to do is to move players to a new position and draw specific lines instructed by the app to annotate the slides.

In the last couple of years, the advancements of technology to aid coaches in the planning and delivery of their work has resulted in the development of many apps across a host of high profile sports. Gaming Realms, the company responsible for the creation of a number of many themed online gaming products, suggests that growth in the mobile market is “one of the strongest trends in the Internet landscape today,” exceeding sales and development that used to attributed to PC and laptops.

However nowadays, coaches no longer need to use laptops during training sessions, as they can effectively manage the team using nothing more than a smartphone or tablet. The iDrills app is an effective assistant that gives coaches the power to create, edit, and execute training sessions anytime they want.

The iDrills Rugby App costs £3.99 in the App Store.

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