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Men's and Women's NTS

The Men's and Women's National Touch Series gives clubs the opportunity to compete in single gender competition.

As well as live streaming, the tournament fee covers venue and field hire, photography, medical provision, referees, PA and marquee hire, equipment and other expenses.

The full FAQ sheet with all the information your club needs is available by CLICKING HERE.

2022 Dates

Tournaments will be on either the Saturday or the Sunday of the weekends listed below. Venues are TBC but will be in the middle of the country.

Round 1 April 30/May 1

Round 2 May 14/15

Round 3 May 28/29

All clubs are welcome to express their interest to join the Elite Men’s and Women’s, and Development Men’s and Women’s National Touch Series  – CLICK HERE to complete the form.

Elite Men's and Women's National Touch Series

Due to the reduced season the summer will focus on mixed tournaments and we hope to offer Elite Men’s and Women’s competition in the Autumn, details of this will be confirmed closer to the time, with provisional dates as follows.


Sat 02/10/21

Horsham RFC


Sat 16/10/21

Oxford RFC

Men's Cup Galaxy London
Men's Plate Wigan Touch Warriors
Men's Bowl Thames Valley Vikings

Women's Cup NQ Rebels
Women's Plate Raptors
Women's Bowl Nottingham

Round 1

CLICK HERE to see photos from Horsham

CLICK HERE to see the results

Round 2

CLICK HERE to see the pictures

CLICK HERE to see the results

Emerging Men’s and Women’s National Touch Series

  • Two single-day tournaments, with final rankings based on league points earned in the tournaments
  • Open to any club and team which is affiliated to England Touch
  • Limited numbers of elite players per team (see the FAQ sheet for the definitions of ‘elite’). Elite players are asked to coach and/or referee
  • Clubs only entering a single team are still expected to provide a referee, but are not required to. Clubs entering multiple teams will have to provide a referee for each team they enter beyond their first. Player referee allocations will be done for a whole team to cover a game


Sat 04/09/21

Cheltenham RFC

Men's Winners Turtles
Women's Winners Thames Valley Vikings


Sat 18/09/21

Cheltenham RFC

Men's Winners Oxford
Women's Winners Oxford



Rank Team Round 1 Round 2 Overall
1 Turtles 20 18 38
2 Oxford Touch 16 20 36
3 Cheltenham Tigers 18 10 28
4 Chester Chiefs 12 14 26
5 Canterbury 10 16 26
6 Revolution 14 8 22
7 Bristol Jets 6 12 18
8 Exeter Eagle Owls 4 6 10
9 Crewe and Nantwich Inferno 8 0 8
10 Wigan Warriors 2 2 4
11 Yorkshire Thorns 0 4 4


Rank Team Round 1 Round 2 Overall
1 (W) Wikings 14 12 26
2 (W) Oxford Touch 10 14 24
3 (W) Revolution 12 8 20
4 (W) Cheltenham Tigers 8 6 14
4 (W) Crewe and Nantwich Flames 4 10 14
6 (W) Bristol Jets 6   6
7 EY London Vipers   4 4
8 (W) Yorkshire Thorns 2   2
8 Birmingham Bears   2 2

We are England Touch

We are the players. We are the supporters, willing us on. We are the medals, waiting to be won. We are the touchdowns, waiting to be scored. We are the men and women of all ages. We are the talent of today. We are the potential for tomorrow. We are one team. We are England Touch