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England Teams 2019

The teams have been named for the 2019 Touch World Cup!

Players have been attending High Performance Training Camps throughout the autumn, and the programme will intensify as the Road to Malaysia approaches.

Congratulations to all the players chosen!

Clark Hobson Bareback Riders

Max Howard

Sponsored by: Stoned Pizza UK, AKS Ward

Josh Ingram Wigan Touch Warriors
Hamish Jones Hot Custard
Sam Jones Thames Valley Vikings
Ben Meakin London Scorpions
Jordan Melling Wigan Touch Warriors
Vaughn Meredith Canterbury
Ryan Miemczyk Bareback Riders
Miles Partridge Galaxy London
Gabe Pennington Wigan Touch Warriors
Toby Phillips Manchester Chargers
Will Serocold London Scorpions
Jack Strain CSSC
Dom Tripp London Scorpions
Matt Watt Galaxy London
Non-Travelling Reserves  
Dominic Brook University of Exeter
Matt Bate Chester Cheetahs
Henry Stratford CSSC
Jack Judd CSSC
Evan Michaels CSSC
Head Coach Tim Osborne


Emily Clews Galaxy London
Rosannah Cormack Cambridge
Emily Crowe London Scorpions
Leah Cuthbertson Hot Custard
Kate Davis-Bavin Nottingham
Adeline Drut Galaxy London
Anna Goddard Cambridge
Danni Gregory Canterbury
Alison Hogg Bareback Riders
Susannah Hudson London Scorpions
Rosie Kells Bristol Fijians
Sofia Luxton Thames Valley Vikings
Sadi Meakin Nottingham
Lucy Norburn Cambridge
Caroline Pillman Hot Custard
Bronte Sykes London Scorpions
Non-Travelling Reserves  
Erin Payten Canterbury
Haniyyah Rahman-Shephard Galaxy London
Catherine Walker Galaxy London
Head Coach Simon Clare
Ewan Armstrong University of Exeter
Teddy Brooks London Scorpions
Lizzie Dorey Oxford
Naomi Fearnett Hot Custard
Angus Gough Hot Custard
Jade Grantham London Scorpions
Emily Irons London Scorpions
Jamie Ironside Galaxy London
Will Lupton Nottingham
Matt Maynard Cambridge
Sam Missin Cambridge
Emma Oliver Nottingham
Eleanor Pitcher Nottingham
George Price Crewe and Nantwich
Shane Scott Galaxy London
Kamil Shahabdeen Bristol Fijians
Non-Travelling Reserves  
Victoria Chiu London Scorpions
Isobel Hobson Nottingham
Phoebe Jay Crewe and Nantwich
Oliver Maynard Cambridge
Olivia Rae London Scorpions
Head Coach Justin Conway
Niki Bird Galaxy London

Georgia Clancy

Sponsored by Element

Galaxy London
Jamie Cone Cambridge
Katy Fielding Guildfordians G:Force
Victoria Franks Cambridge
Sue-Ellen Godde Cambridge
Katherine Jones Cambridge
Lois Lau CSSC
Jenny Lee Galaxy London
Nicola Marsh CSSC
Zoe Parish Nottingham
Sammie Phillips Thames Valley Vikings
Lucy Snape Nottingham
Claire Traynor CSSC
Catriona Weir Hot Custard
Marnie Wills Galaxy London
Non-Travelling Reserves  
Louise Carr Thames Valley Vikings
Keisha Raymond Blyth CSSC
Head Coach Gary Lambert
Joshua Angell Other
Nathan Bourke Galaxy London
Stuart Bussell Galaxy London
Tom Hall CSSC
Matthew Harper Guildfordians G:Force
Steve Holland Bristol Fijians
Richard Jones Nottingham
Rich King CSSC
Liam Lawton Chester Cheetahs
Jason Limerick Thames Valley Vikings
George Miller CSSC
Matthew Myerson  
Luke Profke Bareback Riders
Colin Scott CSSC
Daniel Wines CSSC
Jason Waddell CSSC
Non-Travelling Reserves  
Alex Krikorian St Albans
William Simpson CSSC
James Stewart Norwich Rebels
Head Coach Thomas Devereux

Jonathan Clark Yorkshire Thorns
Gregg Cropper Manchester Chargers
Cathi Farrer Bournemouth
Joseph Hartley Oxford
Neil Hennigan Yorkshire Thorns
Glenn Jones Cambridge
Julia Kang Nottingham
Mark Knight Bareback Riders
Nollaig Quinn Manchester Chargers
Michael Roa Galaxy London
Sarah Rosenburg Bristol Fijians
Oliver Sills Cheltenham
Tamara Slater Cambridge
Pamela Teager Chester Cheetahs
Byron Tibbitts Bristol Fijians
Martin Wright Bristol Fijians
Non-Travelling Reserves  
Kara Buckley Bournemouth
James Large  
Hana Suzuki Cambridge
James Stewart Norwich Rebels
Head Coach Martin Wright


Thanks to

for their kind donation to the Women's 35s team

Sarah Bellew Manchester Chargers
Celestine Cheong Hot Custard
Claire Davis O2 - Wellesbourne
Emilie Eve Cambridge
Victoria Gaskell Nottingham
Joelene Hughes Oxford
Kylie Hutchison London Scorpions

Olivia Jones

Sponsored by The Mill Tackle Company

O2 Redditch Queenfishers
Kate Mackay CSSC
Rebecca Maxwell CSSC
Danielle Powley-Williams Thames Valley Vikings
Margaret Rees-Smith Nottingham
Lucy Richardson Thames Valley Vikings
Louise Rickard Cambridge
Sharise Wilkinson London Scorpions
Suzanne Wilson Canterbury
Non-Travelling Reserves  
Julia Cole Thames Valley Vikings
Lindsay Morrison Galaxy London
Head Coach Ed Budge
Andrew Beattie Manchester Chargers
Douglas Benzie Galaxy London
Stuart Block Green and Gold
Aaron Chan CSSC
Daniel Connolly  
Ruez Durrani Galaxy London
Dean Hancock Cambridge
James Herd Guildfordians G:Force 
Amro Karim Oxford
Dan Lewis Cambridge
Eil Lim Green and Gold
Matt Mahoney Exeter
Adam Marks Banbury
Allan Noble Bristol Fijians
Christian Prinsloo Guildfordians G:Force
Chris Wall CSSC
Non-Travelling Reserves  
Nicholas Best Bournemouth
Mark Glendenning Bristol Fijians
Andrew Hammond Oxford
Head Coach Jason Logan


Neil Appleton CSSC
Alex Berger Brighton and Hove
Joshua Bingley Norwich Rebels

Matthew Hall

Sponsored by Pick Everard

Travis Kenny Cambridge
James Mallick Oxford
Kingsley Maunder  
David Merrill  
Brett Milligan Green and Gold
Andy Penniceard CSSC

Jeff Sue

Sponsored by Withers Worldwide

Galaxy London
Richard Willan Nottingham
Erik Williams Galaxy London
David Williamson Green and Gold
Simon Witton Green and Gold
Shane Wilson Bournemouth
Non-Travelling Reserves  
Derek Kyte  
Kenneth Pollard Nottingham
Philip Walton Guildfordians G:Force
Head Coach Travis Kenny


John Banks Percy Park
James Barnett  

Simon Cooper

Sponsored by Little Big Sports

Norwich Rebels
Neil Davies  
Keith Dunleavy Green and Gold
Iain Grisewood  
Luke Hudson Bristol Fijians
Mark Jensen O2 - Ross-on-Wye
Steven Madden Green and Gold
Paul  Nolan Halton Storm
Spencer Nye Canterbury
Theo Oberholzer South London
Ian Rowberry  
Lee Thompson Thames Valley Vikings
Adrian Williams Catterick
Ian Spencer  
Non-Travelling Reserves  
Mark Elliott Horsham Tigers
Lance Hetherington  
Mark Hobson Nottingham
Jonnie  Pinder Yorkshire Thorns
Head Coach Jo Whitehead

We are England Touch

We are the players. We are the supporters, willing us on. We are the medals, waiting to be won. We are the touchdowns, waiting to be scored. We are the men and women of all ages. We are the talent of today. We are the potential for tomorrow. We are one team. We are England Touch